Shape up fast: Take your home  workout routine to the next level with this quality build up dumbells. Anti Roll Technology: The subtle flat shape of the top and bottom of  means that it will not roll away,making it convenient and easy to store anywhere at home. A pair of 10kg Hex dumbell is ideal for performing a multitude of exercises to help bone density, weight loss,muscle toninig and conditioning. It is of high quality, efficient, reliable,and durable.This pair of 10kg hand weight is perfect for home strength training and workouts. An important component of any balanced fitness program, strength training is key to creating a strong central core. Lean muscle mass increases your metabolism m, burn more calories and reducing fat. Add strength training to any workout routine to maximize overall body conditioning. This Hex  dumbell is made with high quality, comfortable handles, and easy to use. It has a special surface rubber coating. It is excellent for building the upper body


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