How it works:

The Revoflex Xtreme takes advantage of the bi-directional power, allowing a more intense workout. Since the pressing forward an increased resistance is achieved by the elastics. When sliding back the built-up tension is then released slowly. This returns you easily to your starting position.

* Revoflex Extreme  x 1
* Travel Bag x 1
* Manual x 1


Just 5 minutes of training a day for amazing results!

With the Revoflex Extreme, you can optimally workout your upper, middle, lower and side abdominal muscles. You can choose between 6 different training levels and 44 different exercises and thus to tailor your workout to your body perfectly. But this unique sports equipment can do even more! They enable you to simultaneously train different muscle groups at once!

The following muscle groups are activated with the Revoflex Extreme:

* Abdominal muscles (upper, middle, bottom, and side)
* Back muscles
* Arm muscles
* Shoulder muscles
* Thigh muscles
* Glutes

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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