Swimming Kick Board




Product details

  • Lap Board Buoy Kick Board for Adults with Side Grooves for comfortable holding a strong grip. Bottom scallop grooves help you with the best grip
  • Swim kickboard adult which is Extensively tested to give you the best combination you deserve. Durable and built to last, with a 1-year money-back guaranty!
  • Water Aerobics Equipment suggested for Adults and older Teens – intended for professional and recreational use with multiple settings and uses.
  • Weight: 14oz – Length: 17.5″ – Width: 12″ – Thickness: 1.25″ – Material: EVA Foam and BPA Free!
  • Non-Slip Surface & Ribbed Edges: Learning to swim will be a simple task. Make it easier on yourself by having the most functional kickboard on the market! The non-slip surface and ribbed edges allow for a tighter grip while in the pool, lake or ocean!
  • Thick Buoyant Structure: The extra thick EVA foam will keep you afloat while learning the basics of swimming and training your legs to kick. Great for all ages, adults and youth.


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